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Agricultural Purposes:

The factory produces agricultural irrigation pipes in different sizes and air pressures (from 4 air pressure to 16 air pressure) which can be used for main pipes of water transportation. Small branches from these main pipes are placed along side plants in order to provide the plants with the required amount of water. This saved a huge amount of loss water from the traditional way of irrigation. This also reflected on the amount of manure used for irrigation. Now through this new system, manure can be used without losing any amount of it. This automatic system reduced the workforce and efforts, and managed the irrigation periods. The management of the irrigation periods has helped in making use of every single drop of the water used for irrigation. This also helped on having high quality agricultural products and this will increase the agricultural activity in the kingdom. Now, dates, wheat, vegetables, fruits and even flowers are being exported outside the kingdom.

Electric Pipes:

The factory produces high quality electric pipes of sizes 16 mm and 23 mm in different types and lengths the meet the requirements of the consumer in order to be used in different projects (houses, hospitals, establishments, etc…).

BVC Pipes:

The factory produces BVC pipes for desert ACs, and the factory covers the increasing need of these pipes in the local market. The factory exports these pipes to some GCC and Arab countries. The factory also has branches and local distributers which proves the quality of the factory\'s products and its competition with other companies.